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Genesis of the project and justification

Education is a liberating force and it can only change the life and living standard of any person. Unfortunately, not all in India have the privilege and facility of good standard education. Government efforts are proving insufficient and despite several measures and initiatives, quality of education to poor students is far from desired level.

Vaishali is a small colony situated at the outskirts of Delhi nearly 3.5 KM from Anand Vihar ISBT, Metro and Railway Station. It is still developing and many construction activities are going up. Resident are most middle-class family and to cater to the requirements of labours for household activities, securities, local conveyance and constructions etc almost all vacant plots, roadside place, green belts are occupied by many migrant persons/labourers dwelling in temporary sheds and slums. Each member of their family is worker and is a bread earner in some or the other way. Girls aged from 8 years onward work as domestic help, boys help their father in rags picking, running small shops, helping in their masonry work etc.

Most of the slum families does not have permanent place and keep changing their place from time to time on various counts and thus even do not have identity and address proof to get the various benefits of government. Still some of them in desperate desire to improve their lives send their wards to nearly primary school run by Municipal Corporation. The greatest motivation is mid-day meal that too is not supplied as per set standards. Standard of Education is below par.

Summary description: – Free Tutorials for underprivileged slum dwelling students

Project location: 303, Plot 131, Sector-6, VAISHALI, Ghaziabad-201010 Uttar Pradesh

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  Project Length

11th November 2010

  Project Value

INR. 250000/- Per Annum

  Pre Analysis

Daily 3 hours of free tuition to supplement students’ formal education in the subjects of Maths, Hindi, English and General Knowledge. Free computer training to students of 4th class and above was also started during the year.

  Project Outcome

More practical, storytelling, simple language and audio-visual aids in participative style. This program has below positive impacts: 1. Children became more a. Disciplined b. Confident c. Knowledgeable d. Socially responsive and active participants in activities. e. Aware of the value of education f. Almost 95% attendance for all students. 2. Parents have become more responsible and serious in encouraging their ward for education. 3. A few sections of the society have started lending help in providing more support to these underprivileged.

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